Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things I Love...

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite things/ experiences about life here in Africa. I hope you enjoy them :) On a quick side note...this is my last week here in Uganda! It is amazing how quickly a month has flown by here. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to return to this country and people I have fallen in love with. Thank you for following my journey back to Amani!

Things that I love/ experience about life here in Africa

  • Boda Rides
  • Finding geckos living in my shoes...I dont know who was more or the gecko
  • Next door neighbors attempting to DJ and creating a spontaneous backyard dance party for us
  • Feeding and cuddling with babies
  • Little girls running and wrapping their arms around my legs when I enter the cottage
  • The fact that Mercy's smile and contagious laugh is the exact same as it was last summer
  • Being called Auntie Brooke
  • Hardworking, beautiful mamas
  • Late night conversations with the volunteers
  • Laughing with Mama Lucy
  • Bible studies on Tuesday's
  • Splashing around in the Nile with the boys
  • Visiting villages
  • Chapati runs in the morning
  • Meeting Gastor at Canaan
  • African spice tea and Rolex's
  • Kids club on Saturday afternoons
  • Taking kids to church
  • Rolling paper beads and having picnics of passion fruit and Gnuts with Mama Lois and her kids
  • Star gazing with the volunteers
  • Seeing how big the kids have gotten in a year
  • Putting the girls down for a nap
  • Reading books at preschool
  • Long walks around Jinja
  • Speaking Lugandan to boda drivers and their surprised reaction that a muzungu (white person) is speaking their language
  • Praying with the kids
  • Hugs from Paul
  • Hope's giggles
  • Cuddling with Fiona
  • Stories about the latest creatures Mary has discovered in her room
  • Trekking in the mud at the market for produce
  • Pitch Perfect movie night with the volunteers
  • Taking pictures with the kids...both at Amani and the villages
  • Playing with the kids from Budundo in a field filled with cows
  • Taking videos of Mercy squealing and singing This Little Light of Mine
  • And many more :)
Buying Chapati

Love these girls... We were taking a group picture with our elephant pants :)

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