Friday, August 2, 2013

Highlights of this week

Here's a quick look at what has been going on this week!

This week, we did not have preschool for the kids. Instead, we tried to get a little creative with some fun activities. Since we had our mornings free, some of the volunteers created a "spa" inside the preschool room for all of the mamas. We painted their toes and provided treats and tea. It was nice spoiling such wonderful ladies that work so hard each day. While some of the volunteers were doing the spa, the rest of us did crafts and activities with the kids.

One morning, we made noodle necklaces. This ended with half of the kids attempting to each the noodles off the necklaces ;) Another day, we took a white sheet from the guesthouse and make colored water in spray bottles and homemade finger paint. The plan was that the kids would take turns spraying the sheet with the colored water and throw rubber balls dipped in paint at the sheet. It went as planned for about 10 minutes. Instead, I think the aunties got sprayed just as much as the white sheet. My feet and arms were slightly dyed blue for half the week :)

We also took the kids for a picnic around the corner from Amani. During our picnic, supplied with cookies and Sprite, a monkey appeared from across the road and crossed the street right in front of us! The kids were so excited. After the monkey disappeared, all the kids decided to do their own impression of monkey faces. It was quite comical.

Another activity we did was take some of the kids putt putt golfing at a restaurant nearby Amani. I think the kids had a great time. They didnt quite understand the concept that you have to wait until the ball stopped after you hit it. Instead, the game started to resemble hockey putt putt golf. But the day was filled with laughs and squeals from them once they finally got the ball in the hole. At the 7th hole, there was a concrete crocodile that you had to hit the ball through the mouth to get to the other side. We discovered that the crocodile ate the balls which ended our game early :)

Each night at dinner, we each tell our favorite part or moments of the day. I would have to say that some of my favorites have been Mercy squealing and yelling "Auntie!" as she runs and wraps her arms around my legs when I enter the girls cottage in the morning, cuddling with the babies (especially Jane) and singing songs with the preschool. It has been a great week. I realized today that I leave in exactly 2 weeks! I cant believe how fast it is going by, but I am so grateful for each day here.

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