Thursday, August 8, 2013

Source of the Nile

Today, we took about six boys on a boat ride on the Nile! It felt so good to be on the water and just take the time to appreciate God's beauty here in Uganda. We were told that Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in Africa. The kids absolutely loved the boat ride. They were all trying to lean over and touch the water. There were a couple of times we were afraid we would be taking a dip into the Nile as we felt one side of the boat lean towards the water. It was amazing getting to see so much wildlife here in Jinja. We saw monkeys, Belted Kingfisher birds and Nile Monitors ( the largest lizard in Africa). About half way through, we were able to get out of the boat and go on an island. On the island, there was a sign marking the source of the Nile. We got some great pictures :)

Group picture

Nile Monitor

Source of the Nile

Local Fishermen


Our group

On those hills is actually the Ugandan prison

Paul and I

Paul and Christopher

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