Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I have learned in Africa Part 2

What I have learned and experienced in Africa Part 2

1) Africa has some of the most craziest, unpredictable lightening storms ever. Fun to watch...not fun when it takes out your wifi.

2) I have yet been able to figure out what side of the road I am suppose to walk on here.

3) There is nothing like drinking hot African mochas while waiting out a storm and conversing with a Ugandan who is trying to teach you Lugandan.

4) I think ants have become a new daily food group in my diet :P They get into everything!

5) It no longer phases me when I see two mamas carry in a large goat upside down into Amani to eat our grass and banana peels.

6) I can say that I have swam, rafted and drank a little bit too much of the Nile river for my liking.

7) Having to continuously say goodbye to people I have made friendship with is so much harder than I ever imagined.

8) I am convinced that my name must mean something funny in Lugandan because every time I introduce myself, the person laughs and acts surprised that that's my actual name.

9) I've learned that sometimes its better not to understand what Ugandans are saying. Our boda driver stopped to pump air into his tired and four men came up to us rambling on in Lugandan. We thought they were asking for money but instead were saying that they loved us very very much.

10) Only in Africa would our boda driver find it absolutely vital that we understood how to correctly milk a cow.

11) Chickens really do cross the road to get to the other side. I have witnessed it first hand.

12) After attempting to dance alongside African women, I have come to the conclusion that this muzungu can't shake her hips!

13) Rummaging for clothes at central market in Jinja is the perfect place to find outfits for the 80s party we had.

14) Out of all the foods I could miss, I just want a really good Caesar salad.

15) The majority of people that we meet visiting Uganda are either from Nashville or Canada.

16) The group of Canadian guys that are volunteering at Amani right now are probably very tired of us asking stupid questions about Canada. First automatic question: "Do you play hockey??" or " What side of the road do you drive on?". Times that by dozens of similar questions :)

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