Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet My Girls!

I wanted to take the time and introduce you to these adorable little people that I have fallen in love with and been taking care of this summer.  Our days have been filled with giggles and tickle fights, singing, continuous diaper and clothing changes, cheeky smiles, outings to town for sweeties, occasional trips to the clinic and goodnight prayers, hugs and kisses. These girls have taught me what it means to love big and have childlike faith and innocence. They have blessed me each in their own individual ways!

This is Lydia! She is such a sweetie and a good helper to her younger sisters. She is smart, giggly and has a smile that just lights up her entire face. She loves to play "Salon" and has discovered Auntie Brooke's hair is VERY fun to play with :)

This is Alima! Oh my goodness... she has the biggest personality for such a little person. This girl has me laughing constantly. Alima is a born leader. She is outgoing, independent and completely lovable. She will tell you how it is and is never afraid to speak whats on her mind. I love when she tells me how "smart"(nice) I look in the morning and never fails to tell me at night "Auntie, I give you one more BIG hug"...3 hugs later :)

This is Emily! Emily is sweet and sensitive. She has more of a quiet nature but once she is out of her shell, she's a mischievous one! She loves to sneak up and tackle you from behind. Emily is a good listener and usually well tempered...minus occasional melt downs :)

This is Jennifer! She is our resident diva :) This little girl is full of sass and attitude! She is very particular about who is allowed to hold her. We have discovered that during nap time and bedtime, Jennifer is her happiest haha. She is full of laughs and talks. When you see her walk/ cant help laughing :)

This is Jane! Despite constant runny noses and "su su"(pee) on her shorts, this little one is so sweet! She is full of high pitched squeals and smiles. If you are sitting down, Jane will crawl over towards you and lay her head in your lap. She has the gentlest spirit :)

This is Jackie! She is our chubbiest, lovable little girl. We joke as volunteers that she sort of looks like Gloria the hippo off the movie Madagascar :) Jackie is always the first one to make a beeline towards you. She loves to be held or sitting on your lap...whether that means scooting off other kids off your lap or not! She is also known for stealing the other girls food when you are not looking :)

This is Precious! Her name absolutely fits her. Precious is the motherly one out of the girls. She is always carrying around baby dolls and helping undress the little girls for meal time. She is playful and talkative. Trying to brush her teeth at night... sometimes quite the challenge!

This is Rukia! This girl is quite the character! Rukia absolutely loves music. Her favorite song she likes you to sing is Happy Birthday Rukia. You can find her bobbing her head to any beat or laying out in the sun :)

This is Grace! We actually call her Baby Grace because there is an older girl who's name is also Grace. I love this sweet thing! Grace is a little explorer. With a love for walking/ stumbling, she is always on the go. If you catch her getting into something, she will just look at you and giggle. She is the happiest little girl!

This is Peace! She is Grace's twin sister. She is the more quiet, reserved out of the two. We call her Peacie :) Peace is smart and inquisitive like her sister. She loves playing outside with whatever her little hands can grab. Peace is a funny little girl!

This is Martha! Martha is always the first one to run towards me and give me a hug in the morning. I love it when she calls me Auntie Brooke. She is full of laughs and very mischievous :)

This is Mary! Mary loves to sing, joke around and has a slight rebellious streak in her :) Mary is Martha's twin sister. The two of them together can sometimes be double trouble! They are good helpers and love to tickle you.

This is Josephine! Josephine has a twin sister named Caroline. Josephine makes me laugh all the time. She doesn't walk yet but her preferred mode of getting around is scooting everywhere on her bottom. It is the most hilarious thing! She has one of the sweetest smiles :)


This is Caroline! She is Josephine's twin sister. Caroline is always sharing her food with her aunties and mamas :) Caroline is a little bit more fussy than her sister, but when she is in a happy mood, she is the sweetest thing! I have learned that having sweetie ready can cure almost any melt down!

This is Justine! She is such a cuddler! Our nickname for Justine is "Little Enchima"( monkey). She is always laughing or smiling with her little tongue sticking out :) Justine is almost close to walking!

This is Sharifa! We call her Shari :) She is our newest girl. She has only been at Amani for about a week now. She had a rough start here when she got a bad case of Malaria. I definitely bonded with her between trips to the local medical clinic every day. She has the sweetest nature and absolutely beautiful eyes. Every day she is getting stronger and happier!

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