Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Month Left!!

Can you believe it? In actually less than one month I will be boarding a plane and embarking on this exciting adventure to Africa. My departure date is June 6th and I will be stepping foot on that Ugandan red clay soil June 7th.  First off, I want to take the time to thank and list everyone who has supported me both financially and with continued prayers. I cannot thank you enough!! Not only are you blessing me, but you all are going to be blessing lots of precious orphans in Uganda. A special thanks to:
-ICI Homes
-My Family                                          
-Michael Ann Hallman                          -Jimmy and Joyce Page
-The Fraser Family                                 -Poppy and Grandma
-Melody Anglin                                     -The Stich Family
-Kathy Davis                                          -The Ridder Family
-Gartha McGarity                                   -Charlene Irland                                              
-Robert and Louise Clower                    -Barbara Mullens
-Ed and Linda Marshall                         -Yancy Madden
 -Sheila Tunney                                      -The McCafferty's
-George Pilcher                                      -Joan and Bill Fenton
-Aimee and Josh Hudson                       -Uncle Lionel and Aunt Irene
-Adam and Marie Hudson                      -Joan Christy
-Fred Hudson                                          -Sloan and Janice Barrows
-Cathy Hanna                                          -Uncle Chuck and Aunt Karen
-Francie Philips and family                                      
Stony Hill Baptist Church Brotherhood
-Betty and Alex Hines              
 -Stony Hill Baptist Womens' Missionary Union
-Becky Glance                              
-Uncle Chuck, Aunt Jodi and Mandi
-Jane Eddy                                     
 -The Rodriguez Family
-Uncle Ray and Aunt Gwen          
 -Judy Davidson
-The Turner Family                        
-Tomoka Christian Church Missions
-Linda Harper
-Randy and Sarah Thomas
-Helen and Jim Chandler
-Diane and Bob Kirtley
-Ron and Kay Hamby
-Pat and Reg Colvard
-The Lacour Family
-The Thompson Family
-Shea Clemens
-The Mcfarren Family
-The Smith Family

With all of your help, I was able to far surpass my goal of $3500! Amani Baby Cottage has a list on their website of items that they are in need of. Because of the awesome response, I am bringing a suitcase full of items that ABC needs! This includes boy clothing, shoes, and various medical supplies for their clinic.

*At Amani, the kids call the volunteers "Auntie's and Uncle's". I saw the outfit and fell in love! Can't wait to be called "Auntie Brooke" :)

I promise that I will be updating this blog frequently while I am in Uganda throughout the two months I am there. I have heard that Ugandan internet is a tad bit slower than what we are use to haha. But I will do my best to have a couple weekly updates. I want to involve everyone in this experience as much as possible. Not only will you be able to have a glimpse of the lives you are touching, but it is my hope that your hearts will be touched as well.

Please continue to pray for safe travels. I have been talking with a girl who will be volunteering with me as well this summer. We will be meeting at our connection flight in Amsterdam and flying into Uganda together. Also, please pray for good health! On the 18th I will be getting my Yellow Fever vaccine and Malaria pills. I will be posting again close to the departure date!

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