Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invisible Children- KONY 2012

In the 21st century, we love celebrity gossip and sharing anything we find interesting on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Through these medias, news spreads like wildfire. If you asked anyone who George Clooney or Angelina Jolie was, I guarantee you they would immediately know who you were talking about. What if you asked them if they knew who was Joseph Kony?... Maybe you don't even know. That is why I am taking the Invisible Children Inc.'s challenge by making Kony known!

Thousands of children in Northern Uganda live in fear that they will be abducted in the night and forced into Kony's army called the Lord's Resistance Army. These children are taken from their families, forced to kill and are made into child prostitutes. Over 30,000 children have suffered at Kony's hand. These helpless kids are called the Invisible Children. So what can you do?? The Invisible Children Inc. want to make Joseph Kony a celebrity. By raising his popularity, the government will be forced to keep the 100 U.S soldiers in Africa to help track down Kony for his long overdue arrest. To make this happen, please share this video with everyone that you know. Lets be a voice for these invisible children and spread Kony's name like wildfire. No child deserves to live in fear.

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