Sunday, January 27, 2013

One year later

 It is hard to believe that this time a year ago I was receiving my acceptance letter to volunteer at Amani. One year ago, I made the decision to step out in faith and travel halfway across the world all by myself to be Gods servant in beautiful Uganda, Africa. It was probably the best decision I have made in my life so far. Since then, Uganda and its beautiful people have inhabited my heart. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about or pray for the mama’s and children there at Amani.

I miss holding and kissing the sweet, little babies. I miss being called “Auntie Brooke” and bedtime prayers, hugs and kisses with the girls. I miss spending time with the mama’s and listening to their stories. Being part of something larger than yourself is such an incredible blessing.

Since returning to FL, it has been amazing seeing that this blog has continued to be viewed from all around the world! I have even had the opportunity to talk with a family that has chosen to adopt from the orphanage I volunteered at. It was a blessing to be able to share pictures and videos with them J

I am SO excited to say that I will be returning this summer to Uganda! They say that once you have experienced Africa, it will not be your last. After lots of prayer, my desire to go back to Africa has never gone away. This time though, it will be different. Not only will I be going back, but my little sister will be joining me. I cannot wait to share this experience with her! I look forward to seeing how this opportunity will open her eyes and allow her to perhaps step outside of her comfort zone. I also hope that our relationship will grow and strengthen as sisters. Because I am in my last semester of nursing school, we will be leaving the last week of June and staying to the first week of August. I have to take my boards exam for my RN license before leaving!  It will be another step of faith to raise money for the two of us, but I know that we serve an awesome God who knows the desires of our hearts. It would be wonderful and much appreciated for any prayers!

And of course while we are there, I will continue to post updates from both myself and Baylee!

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